How to Make your First Etsy Sale


You have a skill... You know how to create a product that people would love. But how do you get started and make sales? How do you turn your skill into a steady income stream? I can help! I started my Etsy shop with under $10 and it brings in around $2,000 per month in revenue consistently for several years. Follow the steps below and you could make your first sale today!

Step 1: Find Your Niche

First, you want to make sure there is actually a market for your product, and that it isn't oversaturated. Let's say you want to make hair bows, but you know there are thousands of other, more experienced shops already doing that. Try to think outside of the box, can you make them in a way that is more unique? Can you offer custom designs, can you make them themed? Anything to set you apart will be helpful. Find other shops on Etsy who offer similar products, and make sure that you offer something different. Even if there are other shops who offer the same product, that is okay! Offer great customer service and good quality products, and you can still make a place for yourself in the market!

Step 2: Make a Prototype

I started my business right after I had quit my well-paying job to be a stay at home mom. I didn't have time or money to waste. I created my product, a pair of distressed jeans, and gave them to my nephew, in exchange for modeled pictures. I suggest making your first item and giving it as a gift. Does a friend have a birthday coming up? Great, you were already going to spend money on a gift for them, spend it on materials and make your first listing in the process. Just remember to take good quality photos before you give it away! I love trading products for services, it has saved me so much money. I also gift items to my momma friends who I know take great pictures, and just ask for a few high quality photos in exchange for free stuff, win-win!

Step 3: Set a Price

So now you have photos of your product. I made my first 10 sales based on a few photos of that first pair of jeans. Add more items as you go, but go ahead and open your shop with just one item for sale! Remember how you scoped out the other shops with similar items? Now it is time to do it again, only this time we are gathering more detailed information. First, find some shops who are successful at selling a product similar to yours, and look at their prices. My shop is successful now, and backed by many positive reviews, so I sell my items for an average of $30 each. But my first sale was the hardest to make, because i had no reputation yet, so I priced it well under what my competitors were selling for, at just $23, to get my foot in the door. If the popular shop is selling hair bows for $10 each, sell yours for $7. If you aren't making a sale at $7, try at $6. Your first few sales won't be your most profitable, but once a few people have purchased from you, you are more appealing and can slowly increase your prices as you gain experience, reputation, and positive reviews.

Step 4: Direct Traffic

The other piece of information to gather from the other shops, is the "Tags" they used. This is arguably the most important step in adding a listing to your shop, as it is how customers will be able to find your product. My Etsy shop sales are over 95% from keyword search traffic. When you look at an item similar to yours from another shop, scroll all the way to the bottom and there is a section called "Related to This Item", those are their tags or keywords. Get some ideas there and also add things specific to your item. Think of yourself as a customer looking for your item, what would you type in the search bar? Ask friends what they would type in. Add those to your tags! I have always made my products to order, that way I don't waste time/energy/and money on extra inventory that may or may not sell. I set my ship time according to the time it will take me to fill orders. I suggest setting your shop up the same way.

Step 5: Make Money

Now you have created your product, taken photos, priced, and directed traffic to your listing. If you have followed all of these steps, you should be well on your way to hearing that first cash register chime from your Etsy Sellers Ap! If you have followed all of these steps, and still are having trouble generating sales, I offer a shop review service, send me a message for prices and details.

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  1. This is a great post! Thank you for sharing, I was on the fence about opening and Etsy shop but just have helped me make up my mind, I can’t wait to start this new journey!

    • Awesome! Make sure you tag me once you get your shop open! Id love to follow along on your journey!

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